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  Housing Health Finances Travel & Mobility   Learning Center About Us  
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Senior Health & Nutrition

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements for seniors is a thriving industry, largely because it helps meet the important nutritional needs that can be lacking in a senior’s diet. Aging adults often have health issues that can make eating a well-rounded, healthy diet more complicated. These problems can include dental and digestion issues that can require a senior to need a soft, bland diet.

Ideally, nutrients would come from a variety of dietary sources, including proteins, dairy, fruits and vegetables. But because of dietary restrictions, seniors often need to get their essential vitamins and minerals from supplements. Multivitamins for seniors can help improve immunity, reinforce fragile bones, help combat the loss of mental sharpness and add to overall good health. Always consult a doctor for advice and guidance before using nutrition health supplements. Prescription drug interactions can lessen the potency or even cause dangerous reactions with nutritional supplements. Your doctor will help determine what specific nutrients may be lacking in your diet, as well as what your particular nutritional needs are.

Seniors often take a supplement for the all-important calcium and vitamin D, which both play an integral part in having strong healthy bones. Doing some research online can help seniors and their families understand which nutritional supplements do what for the body and give guidance on what would be right for each senior.

Eating a healthy diet, getting exercise , socializing with friends and family and taking the right nutritional supplements can help keep senior adults active and healthy. This combination is true whether they live at home or in a retirement or skilled nursing community. It’s never too late to start healthy habits.

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  Types of Senior Housing and Senior Living include: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Alzheimer's & Dementia Care, Nursing Care, Home Care, Adult Day Care, Continuing Care, and Respite Care. These terms are the ones most commonly used in the United States. However, they may vary in your area. When considering a particular facility or service provider, be sure to confirm the specific services they offer. We also strongly encourage you to make personal visits.